About Mythology

Myths are stories that recount supernatural exploits of ancient deities. They reflect the full range of human failings, temptations, sins and virtues. They originated with the glimmering of civilizations, and have persistently intrigued people for thousands of years.

Because of their dramatic, yet relevant themes myths have inspired artists, composers, and choreographers throughout the ages. Masters such as Raphael, Poussin, Tomayo, Matisse, Picasso and Beardon have paid homage to mythological themes.

Weaving together the real and imagined worlds, mythology stirs emotions and stimulates creative expression. The stories are stirring, cruel, ironic, funny, violent, inspiring, absurd and tragic.

In the increasingly binary world in which we live, a resurgence of mythological exploration celebrating the intersection of human and the divine has recently been embraced. This may be due in part to these fanciful stories being means of escapism and discovery, while weaving a tapestry rich in imagery and imagination.

In today's world of terrorism, disease, famine and genocide, the stories of mythology seem more relevant and revealing than ever.
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